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Discover the best algorithmic trading strategies (robots) and copy or follow them with a few clicks on your phone.  FCA regulated, no VPS needed and 100% live trading records!

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How does it work

In just three steps you can trade like a pro. No more stress in front of a screen, no VPS, just click and copy.

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  • Copy a strategy

We love trading just as much as you do

The YourAlgo team was built over years to create the perfect blend of experienced FinTech programmers, investment bank, hedge fund EFX desk traders and risk managers. We believe that algo's being managed by humans is having the best of two worlds. 

Our goal is simple – select the best trading bots and publish them in our app. No VPS, no purchasing, just click and copy. 

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Why 70% of all traders use robots

and what is the difference between robot trading and manual trading

Manual trading

  • Time consuming
  • Emotions take control
  • Not consistent
  • Trade errors
  • Poor money management
  • No experience

Robot trading

  • Cost zero time
  • No emotions involved
  • Trade according to set rules
  • No trade errors
  • Professional money management
  • No experience needed
  • Purchase needed
  • Vps and installation needed

Youralgo app

  • Constant monitoring by humans
  • FCA regulated
  • Best trading conditions
  • Strategy providers trade with own funds
  • Fair play brokers
  • No VPS needed
  • No purchase needed
  • Automatic updates
  • Full support


Most frequent questions and answers

A forex robot is a computer program that is based on a set of rules to determine whether to purchase or sell a certain currency pair at any particular time.

Trading robots are running day and night and can be used on a mt4 or mt5 platform.

After downloading the app, you can choose to follow or copy a strategy.

If you follow it means that each time the strategy makes a trade, you will be notified. You can then decide to copy that trade in your trading account.

In case you copy a strategy this will go automatically. 

Yes. Simply disable it from the app. Keep 100% control. 

Youralgo is not a broker and we hold no clients funds. All customers funds are held with our broker. To open an account you can make a wire transfer to the Barclays Bank. Please contact us in case you have any questions.

Just send a withdrawal request to your broker. They will take care of it. 

The app is managed by Pelican Trading which is an Appointed Representative of London & Eastern LLP whose FRN is 534484. Getting regulation has been one of the bigger challenges of this app. Complications arose because ESMA (Europe’s regulatory body) contradicted an initial verdict from the FCA, which significantly added to the process. A list of our permissions can be found on the Financial Services Register at the following link.