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70% of all Forex traders use robots – and they outperform humans – say goodbye to emotions like fear and greed.

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Youralgo receives no rebates from brokers and is only interested in profitable trading strategies that are not “get rich schemes”.  For a €25 monthly fee you can trade as many strategies as you like. 


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We select the best algorithmic trading strategies.

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We offer a unique partnership where you get to keep your current revenue deal.


We have a leaderboard where we rank all strategy providers.

Fca regulated

Our services are regulated by the Fca in the United Kingdom.


No. Besides the fact that we offer algorithmic strategies only, the biggest difference is that you get to keep your own broker with your own trading conditions. We do not get paid rebates by brokers. 

You only pay a subscription fee for 3, 6 or 12 months, average priced at €25 per month.  For this amount you can trade any strategy you prefer.

Not yet, but we are working on it.

Just download the app. All connected brokers are shown.

We keep adding new brokers, however you might consider opening an account with one of our connected brokers.

We can recommend a broker to you which usually gives some benefits like a 3 months subscription fee waiver. Contact us for more information.