About us


As experienced forex and futures traders from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we fell in love with automated trading and started to create our first trading algorithms back in 2006. Now in 2020 we can proudly say that we created the perfect app for traders looking for ways to automate their trading.

We like to help and support retail traders as well as money managers across the world to become more consistent in their trading using premium algorithmic strategies. 

As crusaders of robot trading we know that robots outperform humans when it comes to trading. However, we also know that the combination of both is our sweet spot. Robots being monitored by humans. Our clients benefit from this and experience automated trading the way it should be – 100% automated!

Our team is constantly looking for the best strategies and monitors them 24/5 so that our clients can experience the perks of automated trading with a minimum effort. 

The many years of trading experience gives extra comfort whilst trading bots. We speak the same language as robot developers and improvement of an algorithm is an ongoing process. 

The fact that we are 100% aligned with our clients as well as being broker agnostic and we trade these bots with our own money, makes us the perfect partner to enhance your trading.

Our mission is to select and publish the best trading bots traded by the developer himself and to expose all these so called trading guru’s / holy grail robot resellers showing nothing but back tests, demo accounts or fake reviews. 

We believe automated trading has more to offer than manual trading as long as you know what you are doing. Our team is at your service!