Copy trade any strategy

And keep full control. Build a portfolio by using your phone. We created an app that works as a trade copier. Manage your account, set your risk parameters and start or stop at any time. 



After downloading the app from the app store or google play, open an account for free in less than a minute. 

1. After downloading the app, fill out your phone number to verify your account. This to protect your application.  

2. Fill out your details so that we know you are over 18. 

3. Fill out the verification code we send you. In this way we know its you whenever there is a login attempt. 



Following a strategy is completely free of charge and allows you to test the waters first before putting in real money. 

Go to discover mode in the app

Here you will see 3 sections:

  • Spotlight
  • Hot right now
  • Top live traders

The Spotlight is the section for new strategies 

Hot right now section shows the best performing strategies this week and ranks them in profit percentage order. 

Top live traders is the section where we rank the overall best traders.  

Do not even think a strategy that makes 300% in a week is the holy grail. Be patient and follow the strategy for free and see if it can hold up its good results over some time.

Click on your preferred strategy

Once you click on a strategy, this screen pops up. Just click on “Follow” and you’re done. 

From now on, each time the strategy makes a trade, you will see a notification on your phone or tablet. 

This is the perfect way to test the waters. 




This is when you want to use real money. Make sure you understand about the risks. 

Press Copy in the app

Now you will see the screen on the right. 


The most important feature – risk settings

Total cash to be risked:

Here you enter to put the absolute amount that you want to risk. 

For example: if your account hold $5000 equity and you enter here $2,000, then you will automatically stop trading once your equity hits $3,000. 


Amount to mirror:

If you put 100% here it means that your account will take the same procentual lot size as the master account. 

For example: if you are following a strategy that runs a $10K account and uses 1 lot per trade, you will use 0.1 lot per trade in a $1K account when setting it at 100%. In case you want to trade with smaller lot size you can set it at 50%. That means you will trade with 0.05 lot size. 





We double check your account settings before you go live


and click Yes. 


Your account will be connected

Click Ok. Check your email for confirmation.  


Zero commission

No entrance fee – No management fee – No lock up period – No profit share fee – No exit fee

All cost are calculated within the brokers spread, so you don’t pay any commission.