Grow your business with high performing strategies

As our partner you have an edge when it comes to trading strategies. Offer branded live and verified strategies to your clients without paying anything.

Our Algos become Your Algos

Selling a verified strategy that makes steady profits is easy and will boost your conversions. 

Grow your business

Your already partnered with a broker? No worries, your current revenues will not change, since we only charge a license fee that you charge your client. Contact us for more information.

Why offer our strategies?

How does it work

1. Register

After registration we will contact you to explain how it works.

3. Brand your strategy

We offer a full white label of each EA and therefore it will be your own algo that you are selling.

2. Embed a strategy

Use the code snippets below and embed a strategy in your website.

<iframe src=”//;id=800031″ frameborder=”0″ width=”100%” height=”380x” <a=”” href=”//”></a></iframe>

<iframe src=”;id=800031″ frameborder=”0″ width=”100%” height=”120px”><a href=””>FX Blue – free tools and services for FX and CFD traders</a></iframe>

3. Sell your branded EA

After clients paid for a license on your webiste, you pay Youralgo.

You determine the sales price, the name and your terms.. Each purchase you can order via our webiste and we will code and send the EA including set files to you.

Clients can pay directly from your website.

In short:

If your client wants to use an EA, he needs to take the following steps;

  1. Purchase a license via your website
  2. You purchase a license on Youralgo
  3. We will send the branded EA for the specific account number to you,