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Swing Trading Robot

Swing trading robot that can be used 100% automated. This trading bot is especially developed for swing traders and trend traders and it’s recommended to use a VPS for it.

This swing trading robot is developed for swing and trend traders. It uses multiple moving averages to determine entries mostly when markets retrace. The EA has numerous settings that can be adjusted. Bear in mind that it does not trade aggressively and it aims for a high winning percentage over a high trade volume. Stop loss, scalp mode, take profit, grid feature, its all there. For those traders that expect a bear market soon, this swing trading bot works perfect on the S&P index as well.


Available upon request.

Currency pairs

The bot can trade any currency pair as well as gold and indices.

Time frame

You can trade in any time frame. The smaller the time frame, the more trades will be triggered.

Trading platform


Live results

To check some live results, click here

You can use this swing trading forex robot in full automated mode and a VPS is recommended. In case you need help with the set up of a VPS, our support team can help you.


In case you don’t have a broker yet, we can recommend you one. This will save you the purchasing cost.

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Live results

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