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What is scalping

In forex terminology, ‘scalping’ is the name given to a fast, high volume trading strategy where positions are only left open for a matter of seconds or minutes at a time.

The primary goal of scalping is essentially taking a ‘quantity over quality’ approach to a certain degree, with these types of traders working to gain very small amounts of pips — but in comparatively high volumes — as fast as possible during peak trading times 

A fairly distinctive (and sometimes controversial) trading method, currency scalping carries with it a completely different set of aims and considerations to longer-term strategies such as swing or trend trading, which often entail a greater degree of planning and forethought and where single positions can be held open for days or weeks on end. Since scalping is usually done on the one minute chart, we decided to stretch this time frame to make the strategy less volatile. It needs monitoring but once keeping the default settings in mind, users should be expecting steady trading. 

About this robot

This scalping Expert Advisor is designed to operate as a fully automated scalping strategy and targets a steady profit factor of 2 or more. It makes high winning percentage entries and tries to minimize market exposure on the basis that the longer a position is open the higher the swap cost will be and clearly bad for your equity in most cases. 

Scalprobot uses a sophisticated algorithm that calculates the entry level and only does this in retracing markets. So sudden spikes won’t effect trading. For example, after a big news event this EA will not make any entries and therefore you bypass the risk of building up large positions against the trend. 

Back tests over a 10 year period, based on real tick data and using variable spreads and slippage:

EURUSD 2010-2020 based on 99.90% tick data including slippage and in 100% auto pilot mode ( without any monitoring!)

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Our support will help with the installation of your VPS and the installation of the EA. 

After your account is set up, we will help you with the settings to meet your risk appetite. 

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