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Algorithmic Strategy Regular

less market exposure means less risk – this robot will make you a pro trader instantly

This Algorithmic Expert Advisor is designed to operate as a fully automated strategy and targets a steady profit factor of 3 or more. It makes high winning percentage entries and tries to minimize market exposure on the basis that the longer a position is open the higher the swap cost and the higher the risk of a “black swan” events blows up your account.

Algorithmic Strategy Regular is a trading bot that is based on multiple indicators. Each entry and exit is being calculated and therefore this strategy cannot be traded manually. The trading style can be determined as swing trading with a little scalping. Since we believe that too much exposure increases the risk drastically, we have a scalp mode built within that prevents winners turning into losing trades.

The strategy can be traded from $2000 account size and leverage from 1:30. Bear in mind that 1:30 could maximise your lot size since a lack of enough margin.  As shown in the track record it trades any currency pair.

It aims for triple digits annual return with a max 30% draw down. Profit factor should remain above 4.

This strategy uses a sophisticated algorithm that calculates the entry level and only does this in retracing markets. So even if you see a spike there is no need to worry! For example, after a big news event this EA will not make any entries and therefore you bypass the risk of building up large positions against the trend.

  • profit factor 8.12
  • percentage winners 92%
  • max drawdown 9%
  • monthly results 20%

It took over a year to build this robot and it is definitely not a get rich quickly strategy. It comes with numerous settings to aim for your preferred risk appetite. We think this is the perfect strategy to start and great for newbie traders. We will help you all the way to use this strategy in a responsible manner.

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