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Sell your signals and monetize your trading robot globally!

Are you an EA developer or an experienced trader and did you create a profitable strategy? Or maybe you just trade with an amazing robot. Then Youralgo is the perfect platform for you to monetize your strategy.

What advantages offers Youralgo for developers and investors

For investors the advantages are:

  • No purchasing of an EA
  • No VPS needed
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • FCA regulated
  • Automatic updates
  • Risk management tools

As expert advisor strategy provider the advantages are:

  • No marketing costs
  • Saving time on support which is no longer needed
  • Large global exposure due to 16 connected brokers
  • 0.2 pip earnings per trade or 0.5 pip for referrals
  • Absolutely 100% free of any charge
  • FCA regulated
  • A link to your website so you can still sell your EA(‘s) (example click here)


Your strategy has $900,000 AUM and your strategy did 1400 lots in a specific month. You make $2800 on rebates if all clients were non referrals. 

In case 50% of the AUM are your referrals, it would look like this:

700 lots x $2 + 700 lots x $5 = $4900


You don't need to outperform 1000 strategies before being noticed. We only show 50 accounts - so its a matter of weeks.

How to get started

Fill out the form below and provide us with a verified track record .

After approval we will:

  • Feature your strategy in our app
  • Provide you with your own strategy page on our website
  • Provide you with a do follow link to your web page (affiliate link)
  • Promote your strategy when it makes good results
  • Provide you with an FCA regulatory umbrella
  • Provide you with a $1,000 live and funded account to trade with 

Interested? Fill out the form below and apply today!