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Are you an EA developer and did you create a profitable strategy. Then Youralgo is the perfect platform for you to monetize your forex robot. 

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After approval we will:

  • Provide you with a $1,000 funded account with one of our host brokers
  • Provide you with your own page on our webste where you can describe your strategy
  • Give you a back link on your strategy pages to your web page (affiliate link)
So basically we will become your affiliate in the process. And it costs you absolutely nothing. All we ask is to prove that your strategy is profitable and we are willing to risk some money for it. 

So all you have to do is to run your robot in this trading account. You can manage this account according to your trading plan and moreover it is fully regulated. 

Unlike many copy trade platforms, we do not show hundreds of strategies. Therefore your strategy will have much more exposure to potential investors. And you will get paid for it, up to a half pip per trade! Contact us for more information.