Welcome to Youralgo

Below a description how to use the app after you registered. Just follow the 7 steps and connect your account within minutes.

Step 1.

Click “Copy”

Step 2.

Click “Link an existing account”


*For new accounts send us an email, we have interesting promotions!

Step 3.

Select your broker

Step 4.

Enter your broker logins. The password is your Master Password (you should have receive that when you opened your account).. 

Step 5.


Step 6.

Mirror the master accounts risk*

*if master account takes 0.01 in a $1K account a $10K account will take a 0.1 lot size. 

Proportion: if you type here 2, your account will take double the risk (lot size) compared to the master account. 

Put max drawdown  

Dont opt for copy existing trades.


Step 7.

Your account is now copying!